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 Tatyana Alenko (Kosh)

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PostSubject: Tatyana Alenko (Kosh)   Mon 1 May - 4:20

Player: Kosh

Name: Tatyana Alenko
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Home Station: Drago IV - Orbital refuelling station
Age: 20
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1.70
Weight: 61kg

Brief Physical Description: Standing tall at the petite height of only five and a half foot, Tatyana's most striking feature is her ice blue eyes and blonde hair.  Weighing in on the light side of athletically built Tatyana is by no means some Amazonian goddess, instead seeing herself as more flexible and toned.  She is also not shy about showing off what she has.

Attitude: Tatyana knows that in the universe, if you don’t take you won’t get.  Nothing comes to people who wait for good things to happen and isn’t afraid to do what she need to get her way.  As long as she gets what she wants she’s willing to explore any method.

Spoken Languages: Russian, English

Personal Connections:

  • Best Friend: None of note
  • Worst Enemy: Sergi Poviski, her father who she hates deeply.
  • Family:

    • Father: Colonel Sergi Poviski (42) - Colonel within the Russian military special forces.  A tried and tested combat commander of the ongoing conflict for Earth.  A stern man with little time for anything that is not help the war effort.  Separated from Anastasiya
    • Mother: Anastasiya Alenko (35) - News Reporter for Russia Orbital News.  A kind woman who raised Tatyana alone.  Now with her life back on track she works as the face of breaking news across the orbitals.  Separated from Sergi.
    • Siblings: None

Emotional Resonances:

  • Turn Ons: A finely purring engine, vodka, guys that work out.
  • Turn Offs: Body hair, clingy people, begging
  • Worst Secret: Tatyana has done things that she isnt proud of to get to where she is but as she is very much an 'End justifies the means' kind of girl, she is not shamed of them.

Background: Tatyana was born into a loveless and abusive relationship between a stunningly good looking media student and a rising star within the Russian military force.  Showing little interest in wanting to raise a child, her father Sergi Poviski abandoned his girlfriend and daughter to a life of poverty aboard one of the many crowded Russian orbitals.  Alone and with no support for her new family Anatasiya found work where she could, sometimes doing things that still make her skin crawl.  Years passed and the standard of life improved as she clawed their way up the ad-hoc social levels of the orbital hell that was Drago IV until finally she found her current husband, Mikhail Alenko.

Tatyana grew up anything from a privileged life, moving from hab block to hab block, school to school almost once a year.  Money was tight, food sometimes light and life was hard but she endured.  Whenever she felt lost or adrift and ready to surrender to the life that could await her she would always ask her mother to tell her another story about her real father.  Every time she heard the stories of the man that had sired her, Tatyana would feel the anger that drove her and he resolve harden.  Hate was a meal she would never tire of.  Life took an unexpected turn when Mikhail Alenko came into their life and she found her mother with a man who did not want her just for her body but genuinely loved her.  It took Tatyana far longer to warm to this new man than her mother but finally she did start to see him as a close friend, her mother’s husband and someone she could trust.  Never did she think of him as her new father and Mikhail never asked her to call him father, likely warned in advance.  It was soon after her mother meeting Mikhail, the fledgling family moved from Drago IV to the capital of the Russian Federation in orbit, Rodina.

Once school was over and to the surprise of her mother, Tatyana enlisted in the military.  Her personal crusade to look her father in the eye and spit in his face taking another step forward.


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PostSubject: Re: Tatyana Alenko (Kosh)   Mon 1 May - 4:24

*thumbs up* Good to go

Oh my god - You're like a trained ape, without the training
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Tatyana Alenko (Kosh)
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