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 Clémence Wilson (Arxad)

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PostSubject: Clémence Wilson (Arxad)   Mon 26 Oct - 22:24

Player: Arxad

Name: Clémence Wilson
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1m65
Weight: 60 kg

Brief Physical Description: Born from an English father and a French mother, Clémence bears mostly caucasian features, her pale white skin contrasting with her medium to long blond hair and her deep blue eyes. She is pretty small and slim, and although she is far from being weak compared to the average person, most soldiers would be able to overpower her. What she lacks in raw strentgh, she compensates with technique, finesse and agility, Still, her body build can easily be considered athletic, not really hiding her small yet present feminine curves.

Attitude: At first glance, Clémence may appear as a somewhat cold and quiet person, which is true, to a certain extent. She will only talk when she feels it is necessary, and people outside of her family will very rarely see her smile. However, she is far from emotionless, she just doesn't feel the need to show them. Clémence is also the kind of person who can very dedicated about things she believes in. She has a strict sense of justice and honor, which she places above all else. She could easily disobey orders if it meant saving civilians.

Languages spoken : English, French
Personal Connections:

  • Best Friend: Arthur Clarke, both her childhood and only friend, whom she met thanks to her parents, who are good friends of Arthur's. He is around Clémence's age, but you can say that he is her opposite : a lot taller then her, being 1m80, along with short brown hair and green eyes. He's also much more carefree and outgoing. He sometimes treats her a bit like a little sister, which she absolutely despises. Like Clémence, he's planning on joining the military academy to become a pilot. He hopes to be able to protect her.
  • Worst Enemy : None... yet.
  • Family:

    • Father: John Wilson ; an English war veteran who's seen his share of combat, and quickly rose in the hierarchy. He became a relatively high ranking officer, and has high hopes for his daughter, who is now walking in his footsteps.
    • Mother: Aurore Wilson, a French former field medic in the military where she met her husband, she now works in a pretty big military hospital, who mostly treats war veterans. She is caring and affectionate, but doesn't approve of her daughter's decision to join the army, fearing she will end up in her hospital someday.

  • Contacts: James and Elisabeth Clarke : Being friends of the family, Clémence gets along well with Arthur's parents, so she can rely on them if she ever needs help.

Emotional Resonances:

  • Turn Ons: Honor, justice, order, tidyness
  • Turn Offs: Smalltalk, criminals, liars
  • Worst Secret: Clémence's desire to help people and do good and honorable things is not born out of selflessness but out of narcissism. She wants people to remember her as a great person who does great things. Helping people and being a good soldier is just a means to an end.

Background: Clémence had a pretty uneventful childhood, compared to most people. She was born on a space station, and lived there all her life. She always had good grades in school, and quickly showed interest in joining the army, using the excuse of wanting to do just like her father. Upon graduating high school, she applied for one of the biggest military academies on the station, along with her childhood friend Arthur.
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PostSubject: Re: Clémence Wilson (Arxad)   Thu 5 Nov - 18:55

Due to her BG, I'll consider Clémence to be military knowledge savvy. She'll know famous figures and facts x)

Oh my god - You're like a trained ape, without the training
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Clémence Wilson (Arxad)
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