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 Character Sheet Sample

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PostSubject: Character Sheet Sample   Thu 1 Apr - 18:40

Shamelessly taken from Cobalt Razz
Edit: Forget the skillsets


Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Brief Physical Description:


Personal Connections:
  • Best Friend:
  • Worst Enemy:
  • Family:
    • Father:
    • Mother:
    • Siblings:

  • Contacts:

Emotional Resonances:
  • Turn Ons:
  • Turn Offs:
  • Worst Secret:


Oh my god - You're like a trained ape, without the training

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Date d'inscription : 2007-10-12

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet Sample   Tue 3 Aug - 0:40

A lovely sample character

Player: Liltroll

Name: Yoshiko "Snow Ghost" Takebayashi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Metatype: Elf
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Burgundy

Brief Physical Description: A tall, slender and gracefully feline young woman, Yoshiko could have easily passed for your typical elf if it was not for an hard to miss detail given away by the pearl whiteness of her silky hair and deep burgundy red tone of her almond shaped eyes. As an albino, her skin is also very fair and bordering on an unusual pinkish for someone of Japanese descent.
She also has a mild allergy to sunlight and as such, often hide herself behind a pair of heavily tainted shades and wears a tight fitting secondskin suit that hide little of the perfect curves of her body. However, she self-consciously tends to put baggy cargo pants and loose t-shirts above it when she goes out into public places, which does, admittedly, not happen quite often.

  • Virtual Persona: While deep diving in virtual reality, Yoshiko manifests under an avatar resembling one of the Japanese folklore ghosts called a Yuki-onna, the snow woman or snow ghost. A slender figure of porcelain white skin and raven black hair wearing an ethereal dress.

Attitude: Unlike most hackers she knows, Yoshiko is not a techno addict.
As a technomancer, the virtual world has been an omnipresent part of her life even since her early teens and she has come to enjoy and accept its presence. She's also well aware that her gift has given her an insight on something greater, something she very well intend to protect from whoever would try to abuse it.
Very quiet, she can also be self-absorbed when she's engrossed in some of the things she enjoys the most, like reading or listening to music. While she takes part to online world-wide gaming, she not an expert and do no plan to ever be.
She cares a lot for Jack and the family he has managed to bring together and will do whatever she can to take some of the load off the grown up shoulders. Mae Ann and she have started to work within the shadows and, as they gain some reputation, they are planning to become a steady financial support for the gang.


  • Technomancer
  • Albino

Personal Connections:

  • Best Friend: Mae Ann MacRain. The young Irish-descent American redhead is another of the children which had been taken in by Jack and the family he has been trying to put together. She's about Yoshiko's age and they have been brought in at about the same time.
  • Worst Enemy: Dingo, another dweller of the virtual world that she has thwarted more than once already. But Dingo is not just your usual hacker, he is a Disonnance Technomancer. An individual that works to spread the corruption to the Matrix.
  • Family:

    • Father: Jack Kerrigan, an independent journalist sub-contracted by the Sydney Insider. He's the one who managed to sneak her out of the deportation cargo when she was barely a teen and has been her father figure even since. She has no real memories of her real biological father.
    • Mother: None that she wishes to remember.
    • Siblings: Jack's little family which has evolved into a small ganger band living in Sydney's suburbs

  • Contacts:

    • Landis Casey (23), one of the boys next door. Someone both Yoshiko and Mae Ann have known for a while. He can be useful at times because he knows the place fairly well and is moderately trustable as a friend even if, sadly enough, he does not have any important contacts in the local area.
    • Honiahaka "Honey" Tusa (24), a singer from Seatle. Yoshiko and Honey have a few traits in common, they share the same relation with the virtual world and are both non-human. Honey is what people call a Changelin and has developed canine features such as wolf's ears and tail as well as a highly developed sense of smell. Maybe because of her American Native origin, Honey is also a special kind of technomancer, a technoshaman gifted with a guide sprite called IC. But more importantly, she is also the lead singer of the Fairytales metal band.

  • Registered Sprite:

    • Ravage, a scout sprite specialized in hacking and sneaking. When compiled, he appears in the form of a cassette tape that transforms into a metal dog with hind legs mounted "weapons". Like any registered sprite, he's fairly loyal to Yoshiko and will go to great lengths in order to help and protect her.

Emotional Resonances:

  • Turn Ons: Mae Ann. Kind and generous individual, all the better if it comes along with an athletic, curvaceous and firm body. The Virtual World, Deep Diving and outwitting security systems.
  • Turn Offs: Japanese people in general. Racists, rapist and child molesters. The Disonnance and its minions.
  • Worst Secret: Yoshiko is madly in love with Mae Ann but she has yet to manage to find the courage to tell her childhood pal that she sees her as more than a friend.

Background: Yoshiko was destined to die.
Ever since the advent of the sixth world and the sudden goblinization of some of the human population, metahumans have been regarded with condescendence and hate by those who had remained normal. The Japanese were some of the worst, bringing concentration camps back to life in order to deal with its metahuman population.
This is the reason why her birth turned from one of the most joyful to one of the most dreadful event of her parents’ life. Yoshiko was born as an elf. Despite the disgust they felt about it, and going against all the honor bound education they had been given, her real parents tried to keep her by their side until the family pressure became too much.
Her eleventh birthday put an ignoble end to her childhood of shame and privation. Abandoned to a deportation team by her family, Yoshiko was to be deported to the camp islands when someone stepped into to steal her away. His name was Jack Kerrigan, an Australian troll working as an independent journalist for the Sydney's Insider.
He broke in with a little team of runners to set everybody free. But within the confusion created by his terrorist action, he noticed the little frightened girl huddled in a corner and crying for her parents to come and save her. Heart-broken, he took her back with him to Sydney. Her adaptation to Australian life was made easier by the presence of Mae Ann, a Changelin girl that Jack had brought back with him from one of his investigation in Florida. Both girls grew up pretty close.
Yoshiko's life took on another very sharp turn a year later when she awakened to her potential and the Virtual World became a part of her everyday's life. She had used temptrods before since cyber implants where forbidden until a kid's growth was over but experiencing AR without hardware and, for the first time, VR came as a shock to her.
Without a guide or a Paragon, she was left to her own devices with a deviation that was not very well understood (and is still not) at the time. Her salvation came from the virtual world, in the form of another technomancer named Honiahaka. Guided to her by her Paragon, the girl took Yoshiko under her wing and tutored her in the ways of the technomancers. She taught her how to move, free, within the virtual layers of reality, taught her to compile sprites and bind them to her whims and told her about the Resonnance and its evil twin, the Disonnance.
Now that she is almost an adult, Yoshiko has begun to put her talent in the service of Jack and her friends. Bringing some of her income to try and give them all a slightly better life.

Oh my god - You're like a trained ape, without the training

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet Sample   Wed 6 Jun - 14:10

I don't believe in awarding experience points and buying skills packages.

The more often a character will use a skill in tense situation, the more it will progress.
Likewise, gaining new skills will require them to see it used by someone else and try to get that someone to teach it to them...

It is not a set in stone rule and will vastly depend on the GM's mood and fancy ;D

Oh my god - You're like a trained ape, without the training
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet Sample   

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Character Sheet Sample
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